Methodologies for the safeguarding of the culture and governance


Authors: Ministerio de Cultura, Fundación Gaia Amazonas, Tropenbos Internacional Colombia y Parques Nacionales Naturales - Dirección Territorial Amazonia

Colombia - 2016

ISBN: 978-958-58543-3-8

Language: Spanish


This document intends at informing the national entities about the relevance of the culture and governance safeguarding processes in the indigenous territories of the North-East Amazon in the stability of the region and its potential for peace scenarios and border security.

This work aims at demonstrating that safeguarding culture and strengthening governance in indigenous territories contributes to regional stability, improve the state presence in these territories and to optimize the investments of public goods contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of their communities and to the conservation of the cultural and biological diversity of the Amazonian bioregion.  

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