20 May 2024 Netherlands

Voices from the landscape: Locally-owned solutions for thriving and resilient landscapes

Hope thrives as local champions rise, transforming their forests and landscapes. Join us in exploring their inspiring stories and solutions in "Voices from the Landscape."

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29 April 2024 Suriname

Saamaka youth shares knowledge about governance and land rights with their villages

A group of young people from the Saamaka communities in Suriname have become more knowledgeable and interested in governance, leadership, and rights concerning their lands as a result of the efforts of the Association of Saamaka Communities (VSG) and Tropenbos Suriname. This interest was sparked after the youth participated in the regional exchange 'Gaan Kuutu' organized by Tropenbos International in Colombia in 2022, where they learned about governance issues from Colombia and Bolivia. This experience has led to an increased interest from the Saamaka youth in governance issues.

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19 April 2024 Netherlands

Impact stories of small-scale forest and farm producers and their organisations: On the path to more inclusive finance

Read the stories of local farmers and community groups implementing business ideas with the support of the Tropenbos International Network.

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19 April 2024 Viet Nam

Advancing coffee agroforestry in Viet Nam’s national Payments for Environmental Services (PES) policies

In Dak Lak, Viet Nam, within the context of the Working Landscapes programme funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tropenbos Viet Nam and Tropenbos International have collaborated with FarmTree and Tây Nguyên University (TNU) to offer scientific evidence on the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of coffee agroforestry systems versus conventional monocrop systems. This valuable information is a stepping stone for Tropenbos Viet Nam to engage with relevant stakeholders and policymakers, aiming to integrate agroforestry into the national Payments for Environmental Services (PES) policies.

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19 April 2024 Indonesia

Promising outcomes in the revitalisation of rubber agroforests in West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Tropenbos Indonesia’s initiatives in the Simpang Dua subdistrict are yielding promising outcomes for indigenous farmers. Through strategic training and collaboration, farmers are enhancing the quality of their rubber produce, resulting in increased remuneration. Additionally, as part of MoMo4C, the careful management of their agroforests is fostering diversified income streams, which is expected to act as a safeguard for farmers during periods of low rubber prices.

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19 April 2024 Ghana

All-women cooperative transforming cocoa waste into energy in Ghana

In a groundbreaking move, as part of MoMo4C, Tropenbos Ghana has launched a Waste-to-Energy pilot project in the Sefwi Wiawso Juaboso Bia (SWJB) landscape with an all-women cocoa cooperative. By turning cocoa waste into a valuable resource, this model aims to create new avenues for income generation, livelihood diversification, and long-term sustainability in the landscape, particularly for women and young smallholder farmers.

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