Supporting sustainable and innovative enterprises in Indonesia

Supporting sustainable and innovative enterprises in Indonesia

Indonesia - 17 November, 2022

Following successes in 2021, the second year of the KURRI programme in 2022 has seen 14 small enterprises in Kalimantan selected for their potential to have positive environmental and social impacts. As well as vegetable and woven craft producers, innovations include the production of charcoal briquettes from rice husks, chips from banana stems, herbal drinks, and a refill station for drinking water bottles.

In July 2022, all of the enterprises received a week of intensive training to develop business plans. Banks and credit unions presented opportunities for financial support and partnerships, and enterprises who were a part of KURRI 2021 shared how participation had changed their business practices, and some of the positive resulting contributes to the environment. 

By the end of training, they had prepared a draft business plan, and practiced presenting their plans as a ‘business pitch’. Participants admitted how this training broadened their insight about more sustainable business. Before, they ran their business as usual and didn't have any concern if their business is profitable or not. After the training they admitted that the topics delivered are important to plan their business conscientiously.

In August, following the training, the enterprises finalized their business plans, and that were then evaluated by a five-strong panel of leading business and government figures in the district. Following the rigorous assessment process, nine of the enterprises were selected, four from Simpang Dua and five from the Pawan-Pesaguan. Participants were also asked about how the training was delivered and how it could be improved. In September, the panel visited each enterprise to further evaluation and offer advice on the proposed business plans that developed further in October.

Through this process, now in its second year, Tropenbos Indonesia is working towards supporting the emergence of sustainable micro-enterprises that can grow stronger and make long lasting impact in Ketapang District, both economically, and in terms of climate change mitigation and adaptation.

KURRI is a business competition for climate friendly community businesses, coordinated by Tropenbos Indonesia in Ketapang District, West Kalimantan, to encourage local small-scale entrepreneurs to professionalise and scale up their businesses by building capacity, providing technical assistance, and facilitating link to responsible buyers and potential investors. It is supported by the Mobilizing More 4 Climate (MoMo4C), a five-year program implemented by IUCN NL, WWF NL and Tropenbos International that aims to bring together entrepreneurs, firms, policymakers, investors and civil society organisations to make green business propositions that tackle the impacts and causes of climate change at a landscape level in developing countries, and to attract investments to implement these initiatives.