Call for an international evaluator: Working Landscapes programme

Call for an international evaluator: Working Landscapes programme

the Netherlands - 18 April, 2023

Tropenbos International is looking for an international evaluator to lead a team of national evaluators in conducting the end evaluation of its Working Landscapes programme.


By promoting climate- and fire-smart landscapes, the Working Landscapes (WL) programme contributes to climate change mitigation, adaptation, improved livelihoods and environmental integrity, which are crucial to achieving the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Forests and trees in well-managed landscapes have the potential to contribute significantly to climate change mitigation and adaptation, while supporting people’s livelihoods and sustaining agricultural value chains.

Through knowledge generation, capacity building and informed dialogue facilitation, the programme aims for impacts in terms of sustainable land use, inclusive governance and responsible finance and business, with an emphasis on local men and women foresters and farmers, communities, indigenous peoples and forest and farm producers’ organisations.

The programme started on January 1, 2019 and will be completed on December 31, 2023. Since 2021, it was extended with a subprogramme on Fire-smart landscape governance (FLG). The WL programme is operational in Bolivia, Colombia, DR Congo, Suriname, Ghana, Indonesia and Viet Nam, and since 2020 in Ethiopia. With the Fire Smart Landscape Governance sub-programme, it also expanded to Uganda.

The programme is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Purpose of the evaluation

The overall goal of the Evaluation is to assess the achievements of the Working Landscapes Programme against its overall goal and objectives, how this has been achieved and what were the lessons learned.

The evaluation serves external accountability as well as internal learning objectives. Accountability to the donor and to local stakeholders, including target indigenous and other local communities; and learning about WL strategies and approaches in order to improve design and implementation of new programmes and projects by TBI and its partners.

There are two components: component (1) addresses programme implementation in function of the programme ToC, the country level ToCs and their subsequent evolution. Component (2) zooms out and strategically examines the extent to which WL has been successful in changing conditions that drive the transformation towards fire- and climate-smart landscapes through its selected landscape approaches.


The evaluation comprises the programme, including the FLG Subprogramme. Geographically, the evaluation will focus on the Theories of Change (ToCs) and programme implementation, with in-depth evaluations, though national evaluators, in four to five country programmes and in four themes capturing fundamental cross-cutting issues. This allows evaluation of the programme from multiple angles (different scales, different contexts, different types of stakeholder interest).

Time frame

June until September 2023

Download here the Terms of Reference for the evaluation


  • Submit your short expression of interest and annexes by 01 May 2023 to “TBI WL evaluation Reference Group” at
  • Shortlisted candidates/teams will be invited for an interview with a representation of the reference group, between 8 and 11 May, 2023, to further discuss their approach and motivation and clarify questions about the assignment and WL ToC. Based on these interviews, one candidate will be selected.
  • We anticipate to inform the selected candidate by 12 May 2023.

Further enquiries can be directed at Roderick Zagt ( or André Brasser (

Tropenbos International reserves the right to cancel the procurement procedure, without candidates being entitled to claim any compensation. Publication of this procurement notice does not commit Tropenbos International to implement the programme or project announced.